Our integrated approach specifically engages the child in lively and creative activities to enhance developmentally appropriate skills in a foreign language.

Classes are activity-based, full language immersion classes that will engage students in a circle of interesting and age-appropriate activities and experiments. Instruction is experiential and hands on with a focus on children’s individual needs and interests. We help children to recognize and do their personal best to grow as happy learners.

At LLS children are encouraged to speak French or Italian through captivating workshops designed to both educate and entertain. All of our classes are designed to allow children’s hands, minds and emotions to be active in a safe and supportive environment. At LLS, it is our goal to help lay a foundation for the long term appreciation of learning a foreign language, revealing the rich cultural and linguistic wonders that French and Italian have to offer. 


We aim to to serve any family that values the importance of foreign languages and intercultural understanding, to foster enthusiasm for learning a second or third language, and to support parents who wish to raise their children with more than one native language, in order to maintain and strengthen a multicultural identity and heritage.

At LLS children enable to develop their potential and skills to the fullest extent, while allowing them to do so at an individual pace.

The Language and Laughter Studio is a place not only for our children to participate and enjoy language and culture, but a place for us to come together as a community and bring to life the heritage of our extended cultures. Learning language is not just about speaking, but about connecting to the cultures and traditions they come from.


Instruction is experiential and hands on with a focus on children’s individual needs and interests.

  • We use games, mimes, songs, arts and crafts, music, movement, theater and visual aids.
  • Repetition is an important part of the learning process.
  • The program is interactive to make learning a language a pleasant and rewarding experience.
  • We foster the collaboration between children by enabling them to participate in small group work and whole group discussions.
  • We provide a place where their enthusiasm for discovery is challenged and their natural curiosities are focused into a context of learning about cultures, languages, and the world.


All of our teachers at LLS are native speakers and specialized in their field. Students learn from caring and supportive early childhood educators who possess strong backgrounds in the arts. We collaborate with professional and brilliant early childhood educators, composers, musicians, and artists dedicated to create unique programs designed to stimulate inquiry-based learning, concept formation and creativity.

Pascale Setbon, founder of LLS, believes that children learn by making sense of their world and their experiences. She has seen that children learn best through first hand experiences with people and materials. With a deep belief in the remarkable capabilities of each child, the dedicated teachers encourage the children to hear, understand and speak a second or a third language with joy and pride.

Pascale Setbon – Founder

Pascale Setbon moved to the United States from France twenty years ago with one of her children and the hope that he would remain connected to her French culture. She quickly became aware of the demand for children to be raised bilingually in order to conserve relationships with their various cultures and after eight years of teaching, she finally opened her own school.

Pascale attended La Sorbonne where she earned a BA in Management and an MA in Marketing. Pascale relocated with her family to New York in 1997, where she experienced great difficulty in finding bilingual educational programs for her two young children. She soon found that there were many families in the same situation who were looking for a program to support their desire to maintain and strengthen a multicultural identity and heritage. Pascale decided to explore this dilemma by attending several language workshops and conferences given by Bank Street College, the Board of Education, and other accredited institutes. After four years of dedicated research and studies, Pascale was ready to share with others what she had learned. She helped to develop the French Playgroups curriculum at the International School of Brooklyn and for two years worked at the French Institute in Manhattan. In 2005 Pascale launched her own language-diverse learning program, L’isle Aux Enfants at the fledgling Language and Laughter Studio (LLS). LLS has become a full-fledged learning center for early bilingual education. Complementing tacit experiential language acquisition with focused directives, classes at LLS help to facilitate bilingualism where children learn to hear, understand, and speak foreign languages with confidence and pride.

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Aurélie Delaunay

Aurélie holds a degree in literature and civilization and a Master’s degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language. Before joining LLS, she was the Children’s Program Coordinator at the library of the Alliance Française (FIAF) of New York.  She developed a philosophy curriculum for young children that has been recognized by UNESCO and is used in eight Alliances Françaises on the American territory. Before joining FIAF in 2014, she taught French to children in Madrid, Spain. Aurélie is a passionate librarian and teacher convinced that stories are one of the best ways to grow up and learn. Her passion for teaching young children and extensive teaching experience in different parts of the world are huge assets to LLS! Furthermore, her experience as a librarian has given her the chance to develop her expertise in teaching French through the medium of books. She is extremely knowledgeable about francophone children’s books and loves connecting these stories to her experience in other cultures and countries of the world. 

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Aude Eretta

Aude has extensive past experience teaching children of a wide variety of ages. She has worked at the Lycée Français of New York, as well as in a kindergarten dual language program, amongst many other past experiences working with children both in group settings and individually. She is particularly enthusiastic about teaching young children, and she is passionate about teaching children in a way that does not impose anything on them but, rather, that creates an environment that allows them to freely express and explore their own perspectives. 

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Mélanie Desprez

Mélanie discovered her passion for working with children after having spent nine years working in fundraising and communications. She decided to go back to school to pursue this goal. She received her Masters degree in education from the University of Paris and worked as a teaching assistant at a preschool in Paris. In this position, she gained valuable experience collaborating with the teacher, as well as having the opportunity to share her own interests in theatre and art with the children. She is thrilled to continue to share these interests and to bring her passion for education to LLS.

Emilie Weibel

Emilie Weibel is a bilingual vocalist and song-writer born in Switzerland. She started music and singing at five years old in her home country. 

Emilie has a degree in Performing Arts at the City College of New York. She can be heard performing in many venues in New York with different projects from Jazz to Electro and Pop. She also has been teaching music to children for 5 years in South of France, Switzerland and in New York. 

She loves to share her passion with children. Her repertoire includes her original songs, classic children songs or specific comptines that help the children to learn the language in a natural and fun way. 

Lauren Butler

Lauren received her B.A. in French and theatre from Muhlenberg College. She started learning French in middle school, when she had the opportunity to begin to study a language. Her love of language motivated her to continue to study the French language and culture throughout high school and college. In college, her passion for language also led her to study other aspects of linguistics and bilingualism. She has completed psycholinguistic research on the process of switching between speaking multiple languages and has presented this research at the Language, Linguistics, and Life Conference at Temple University. Lauren studied abroad in a French immersion program in Aix-en-Provence, France. While studying abroad, she received an award for her excellence in French. She was also recognized for her achievement in French by Phi Sigma Iota, the National Language Honors Society, at Muhlenberg. Previously, Lauren has worked for Middlebury Monterey Language Academy’s French immersion program.

In addition to her love of language and extensive study of french, Lauren brings her creativity and background in theatre and dance to LLS. She values opportunities to work collaboratively with children, as well as to include movement and improvisation in the classroom. Lauren has been delighted to have the chance to combine her creative interests and her excitement about french and bilingualism in her work at LLS!
Cédric Chaudré

Cédric Chaudré grew up in the North-East of France. He graduated in Education and taught in middle schools in France. 

He moved to Paris where he was employed as an Automatic Speech Recognition Software Analyst in a very international team. This experience unveiled his interest in language acquisition and Cédric decided to pursue a Master degree in applied linguistics where he researched how mobile technologies can improve language acquisition. 

After teaching a few more years in language institutes in Paris, Cedric moved to New York where he enjoys teaching French in the After-school program of dual language schools. 

Aurelie Harp

Specialized in Art performances, production and creativity, Aurélie Harp is a versatile artist, producer and acting teacher who just moved back to Brooklyn. She graduated from Sciences-Po Paris with a BA in History and a Master in Marketing, and she is now completing a degree in Teaching French as a foreign language (DAEFLE). She worked a few years in advertising before starting her acting career in Paris and London. She loves the stage and theater includes Winter under the table by R. Topor, Scorched by W. Mouawad, Eclipsed, the story of the Magdalena’s sisters, Mme Antoine, the story of Queen Marie-Antoinette, Carmen… She believes in ongoing training to improve her craft and has been participating for over 10 years in Jack Waltzer’s Masterclass, member of the Actors Studio. She is also a member of NY Lab, a creative collective and incubator for creative projects. She is also a playwright starting her third play and a voice-over talent, she recently played “Jargonaise”, the French bug, in a TV show on the BBC children program). Aurélie is a mother of two and loves interacting with children.

Audrey Debouverie

Audrey grew up in Normandie, France, from a French father and an American mother. She grew up in a French monolingual household, having the opportunity to spend some summers in the US with her mother’s side of the family. Even though Audrey did not understand most of what being said in English, she became acquainted with the melody and accent of American English at a fairly young age.

After high school, Audrey moved the California for “a year abroad” (which became way more than that) and finally had a chance to learn and perfect her English. During that year, she took a lot of classes at a community college in Aptos, California (Cabrillo College), which immersed her in the “American teaching culture” characterized by an understanding and acknowledgment of the diversity of learning styles. Audrey was a French tutor for college students at Cabrillo College before deciding to moving onto San Francisco State University and graduating with a B.A. in Communicative Disorders. By that time, Audrey was passionate about language and learning developments, so she went on to getting her M.S. in Communicative Disorders, and became a Speech and Language Pathologist in 2014 with a specialty in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Since graduating, Audrey has worked for public and charter schools with K-8th grades as well as some home-health cases for early intervention (0-3 years old). Audrey is still a child at heart, and loves working with children, teaching interactively through play/fun activities.