The Language and Laughter Studio is a place not only for our children to participate and enjoy language and culture, but a place for us to come together as a community and bring to life the heritage of our extended cultures.

Social justice is a core value of our program and our community, and our curriculum will include exposure to developmentally appropriate concepts and questions introduced by children, teachers, and families. We strive to be a space where children are supported as they grapple with complex questions, and where families and educators are in open, meaningful dialogue about how best to raise children who are community-minded, kind, and inclusive.

Below, please find several curated lists of resources we find helpful. And, in the spirit of collaboration, please feel free to share with us information or tools that we might be missing.


In addition to developmentally appropriate exploration of identity, diversity, and inclusion on a broad scale, LLS – as a French language school – is engaged in an inquiry into the specific identities included in the Francophone community. We think of the French language as a portal and a unifying force. Our community is constantly exploring the culture not just of France and its community of expatriates in New York, but also the many cultures of the global French-speaking community and how they are reflected in our own community today.

Introducing French into early childhood means participating in the formation of a cohort of students – who think and communicate in French – and also a community of parents, peers, families with diverse experiences, unique origins, and a variety of relationships to the French speaking world. This coming-together is made possible through the spreading of a language, which allows the culture of France to flourish beyond its borders. We sincerely believe that France isn’t simply a place, or a lifestyle, or even a shared history. Rather, the French culture we are representing is a commitment to the shared values and a sense of belonging that we find through our common language and common purpose, and that is so deeply reflected in our adopted New York home. As the page turns onto a more modern, diverse, and richer conception of the Francophone world, LLS is embracing the future by promoting and learning to love an evolved, broader understanding of contemporary French culture.